At my first writers´ meetup in January 2020, I promised myself that one of my writing goals for 2020 was to start a blog. I was penning down ideas for what the blog should be about, whether I should start it or not, prepping myself through YouTube advise, and all along procrastinating and reconsidering. But corona has finally set the wheels in motion. 

I´m writing to hold on to my sanity in these strange times, and to prove to myself that there’s always a bright side to things. My blog posts will not talk about COVID-19 or how to deal with it. That I leave to the subject-matter experts. My posts will be about everything else I learn or have learnt along the way. And some of my literary ramblings. 


Share happiness. Share positivity. 

Note of credit: All the images on this site are the handiwork of my girls.

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